Cannabus team

This upcoming CannaBus Culture Film Fest on September 22nd and 23rd at the Lincoln Center’s Magnolia Theatre in beautiful Fort Collins, will be hosted by the one and only cannabis funny man Rob Cantrell.


  –Tim Mattson is a NYC-based cannabis activist, co-founder of the CannaBus Culture Film Fest and the NYC Cannabis
Film Festival.  Mattson serves as a community supporter of the Hudson Valley Chapter of NORML, a group who advocates for marijuana legalization through
grassroots, community-oriented educational campaigns.  He has extensive experience in film, video, and media production that he draws upon to
revolutionize the festival goals of CCFF and NYCCFF.

  –David Walters is a Brooklyn based artist, filmmaker and activist, co-founder of Dreamclay Pictures and currently serving as as a member of the media team at CannaGather, and CannaLYFE and co-founder of the CannaBus Culture Film Fest. David has been a long time advocate of cannabis and its holistic health benefits. He has an extensive background in the commercial film and photography world. Producing many projects in the US and abroad.  Taking on the CCFF to help spread awareness of the benefits of cannabis,CBD and THC as an holistic alternative to traditional medical treatments.


4/20 April 20th at the Social Club & Lounge, Burlington, Vermont